Monday, December 31, 2007

As Martha as I'll ever get.... Christmas 2007

I saw this idea in a commercial to use cranberries inside, upside-down glasses and then they become candle holders!!! Make sense!?!?!? Anyway, this is the easiest way to create something fun. Then we got to thinking about all kinds of things you could put inside the glass depending what the occasion is - gumballs, paper curls, tinsel or whatever!

Anyway, this year Christmas was a year of posing and picture taking! Everyone got in on the fun! (This is my beautiful 12 year old daughter!!!)

Even my 4 year old nephew loved his new camera!

Getting lessons on what new camera's can do! Great! Now Chad wants another new toy!!!

Grandma is enjoying her yearly Christmas story reading time to the Grandkids! It looks like they are all enjoying it too!
Every year I get to enjoy Christmas Eve with my parents, sisters and our families. We eat fun food, exchange gifts and enjoy each others company.

My sister making fun of my re-using a Christmas bag from last year!

My sister Pam and I, before we both got sick! Well, you can't say we don't share!!!

Then on Christmas morning, "Dad" gets to pull out the gifts from under our tree!

This year, he got the gift "wrapping" that never ends! Thanks to an un-named brother-in-law of mine, Kassandra has been dying to wrap Dad's gift with an endless amount of saran-wrap. I think she actualling used packing plastic and doubled the size of the gift with the many layers!
He was pleased when he finally got the end though, it was his Lord of the Rings extented editions that he has been wanting. (Yuck!) hehehe

Then the girls got the first of 2 big gifts. This is their reaction to finding tickets to the TobyMac concert in February!

Then getting a Wii. Maya was great, she got all excited and was cheering with Kassandra until Chad asked her if she even knew what it was. She has no idea what it was but thought it must be good!
If anyone is considering some kind of video game, this is most definatly the way to go! I've even enjoyed a few games of bowling!!!

An action shot!
That was our Christmas in a nutshell! Yes, both my sister and I got sick, missed a few extended family get togethers but all in all it was a great week.
If anyone actually made it to the end of this post I'm impressed! I posted most of this for the out of province family! Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Copic Marker Class

Yes, I've been infected my the Copic marker bug! I have a set coming to me for Christmas that I snuck in and used to make this sample for a class in January! Ooops! Don't tell my mom! :)
Anyway, I was going for simple yet playing with some basic color layering. These markers are so easy to create dimension. I also wanted to use some stamps that the shop sells that I've not used in a class yet and that thought led me straight to My Favorite Things. I really like this little coffee set as it has a focal image along with little pieces, like separate mugs and the corner coffee beans, to compliment it.
Well, on a personal note, I am really working at finding the peace of Christmas today (after I get all the house cleaning done). To relax and be able to enjoy the anticipation of my favorite celebration. To ponder on the gift of Christ and be grateful.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Background stamps!

I've always loved big, background stamps, collected a bunch of them but not used them as much lately! So, with all the new ones that Cornish Heritage Farms just released (thanks to Lisa) I figured I should use what I have pre-stamped before I get new ones.
Yes, I have been known to pre-stamp wacks of backgrounds, keep them in a shoebox and pull them out as needed. Saves time when I feel creative and gives me something to stamp when I'm not feeling creative!
This first card used white craft ink overtop of Rose Red paper. Black mat. Embossed the sentiment and added the ribbon & flowers. I used the same basic layout for the next card too. Except the bg stamp is on vellum and attached with the brads on the bottom and some adhesive under the snowflakes and sentiment.
I strategically placed the snowflakes over the birds on this stamp to give it a different look. (just in case some of you know what this stamp actually looks like :)
I'm kinda needing to do something other than Christmas right now and these cards were just what I needed!
Enjoy your day!