Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Weekend Away!!!

This last weekend we had the pleasure of being able to go camping for a few days! Ya, it was cold and rainy part of the time but the trailer my parents have is like a hotel on wheels! Furnace, microwave, tv and of course we must bring card supplies!
This first pic is my youngest daughter getting creative with her ink!

We enjoyed the bubbles....

The play station. Yes, even Allie looked like she wanted to play! My parents are not dog people and have not wanted to let her in the trailer (whose to blame them, she sheds soooo much) but because Chad could only come for one night and we had no where else to bring her on a spur of the moment she was allowed this time!

As always, she found a cozy corner and called it home!

Maya had so much fun creating that Dad & K also came to see the fun!


I still think they were just wanting to join in! :)

Ahhh, you can't have a good campout without a FIRE!!! This pic above is Chad's idea of making the best smores. Squishing the chocolate into the marshmellows and then roasting them.

Getting the toasting to perfection and being prepared to sandwich them all together. (Notice the graham cracker hanging out of his mouth and the other in his hand waiting)

It was quite a sight to see him eat his melted mess!

Hmmm, hmmm good!

Chad could only stay for one night and then go back to work while I had a couple more days off. So, the girls and I had much fun playing games, trying out silly masks and crafting together! We stayed in our pj's all day!

Then out of no where the sun appeared for a few hours! So we hit the beach! West coast style, in our winter coats not bathing suits!

All in all it was a much needed break from the regular schedules of life!


I also got to spend quite a bit of time with my Copics and stamps but I haven't taken any pics yet so, give me a few days and I'll show you the play time I had too!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oldie but Goodie!

It has been a long time since I've done much embossing! So, I made this one by reverse embossing with clear powder on white paper and coloring the background with foam & Ranger Ink.
Stamped the branch with craft ink, added some glitter to the flowers, stamped the sentiment with the same craft ink, layered it up and added some ribbon. Yes, I love ribbon on just about every card!
This was actually quite quick and easy! Gotta love that!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Congrats to....

My dear friend Sherrie! She has just accepted the invitation to be a part of Cornish Heritage Farms design team! In honor of her new gig (and my lack of creativity these days) I've been inspired by one of her recent cards with their new stamps!
Here is the link to her original, now I know hers is amazing, but I had fun with it and REALLY, REALLY, REALLY enjoyed stamping today!

I took this shot thinking you may be able to see all the glitz a wee bit more, but maybe it didn't work! Sorry!

Happy stamping all!