Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What farm is fresh?

I've always thought it odd that this stamp set was called Farm Fresh! I've never yet got a whiff of any fresh smelling farm!!! hehehe
Oh well! It still is a set I really love! I'm still working on using up pre-stamped backgrounds and coloring pre-stamped images. Slowly, but surely I am working through my stash. Good thing I've had a stash too. I've just plain not been feeling to creative lately. Too tired, too tired of seeing bad things happening to good people, too tired of feeling tired. It is just all too draining!
I guess I've kinda been in a slump lately.
Thankfully, I got to spend yesterday evening at a friends house, and this afternoon at another friends house and boy was that time needed muchly! After relaxing with them and seeing all their fun new stuff I got a bit of an itch to play again.
But, my creative space is such a disaster right now there is no way anything very good can come out of it! So, I spent the evening doing some shopping and picked up some shelving stuff & baskets.
The plan now is to CLEAN UP!!! Wish me luck!
(Maybe I will take a before and after shot, hmmmmmm, we will see how brave I am!)


Laura Roth said...

I love your Farm Fresh card! I hear you on the slump/tired feeling....maybe something is in the air because I've been feeling that way too...Hang in there Girl!

Corie said...

Oh I love this card -- so spring like

Jennifer Hodge said...

Thatis still one of my favortie sets too! Unfortunately I don't own it...LOL...too bad they retired it!

Deb said...

Beautiful card, love the colours, the gorgeous background and the stamp is fabulous!
Look forward to seeing your before and after pics! Good luck with your clean up!

Michelle said...

Great card! I miss that set so much! Sometimes I wish I didn't get rid of my retired stamps...:(

Jill said...

Love these colors! What a delicious card!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I would love to see a before and after shot! I love your card! I hope you're feeling cheerful again soon! I know what you mean about the tired/non-creative feeling. Take care!!