Saturday, August 9, 2008

More holiday coloring....

Yes, I had to play with a few images that required a wee bit more time than all the little ones I did for cards! :) This one is actually stamped on a sheet of acetate with Stazon and then colored on the reverse side. Get it?
It took some getting used to, but with a little patience and and swaks of markers I blended, blended and blended until I was happy. The great thing about acetate is if something isn't working you can wipe it off and start over.
Blending is also very different on acetate and so is the depth and brightness of the colors but it was fun to try something different!

The clouds in TK images always give me a bit of trouble. So, I didn't stamp them with the original image. When I was finished coloring I stamped them in white craft ink on the top side! The little hint of blue sky was colored directly onto the box and the clouds have a subtle hint of floating on top!

When I was satisfied, I attached it to this varnished, wooden jewelry box. Added the sentiment, ribbons, jewels and flower and my daughter loved it! To make the jewels and hardware brown and also used my Copics to color them. Thanks to their alcohol base, they color so many surfaces!!! LOVE THEM!!!


Theresa said...

This is awesome!!
I smell another fun night at the Fun house! (what is this 'acetate' you speak of??) ;O)

Laura Roth said...

Very nice box! That is so amazing!

Kassie said...

yay!! you posted my box!! i finally posted somthing on my blog so go and look luv you and c ya soon!!

villagegirl said...

Wow! That is simply gorgeous. Seriously, does your talent ever stop? I'm in awe... :)

Corie said...

this is GORGEOUS!!!!!