Monday, July 2, 2007

Somethings Bloomin'

May not be my craft table these days, but I did purchase these wonderful baskets that make my front porch wonderful to come home to!

Life has been a little crazy with year end school stuff and extra hours at the office. Thankfully, I've got a couple extra days off and just maybe I'll actually get to my own creativity tomorrow morning, usually my best time.

But until then, I hope you enjoy the flowers I've managed to keep growing! I usually forget to water, over water or who knows what and kill anything I've tried to grow! I'm thilled these keep coming back, now for the 3rd year!!! YIPPY!!!!


villagegirl said...

Your flowers are beautiful! It's amazing how a simple thing like that can make us smile! Love the lilys - maybe your thumb's starting to turn a bit green? :)

Kori said...