Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yup, I believe in Love at First Sight!

I got some more time tonight to play with Tom!!! This card is stamped on shimmer paper, colored the light from the windows with yellow pencil & glitter pen, matted in the blue & green then glued on golden beads all around the edges. So sparkly IRL! I love it!

This one is also stamped on white shimmer paper but with a dark blue craft ink. Had to let it dry for a while before I used my glitter pen to highlight lots of different areas where I thought light would be reflecting off. Attached with the row of brads and glued on the little round metal piece. Again, it is so sparkly!
I got tagged today from Debbie! 7 odd facts:
1) I am totally addicted to travelling! Those who know me well probably have figured this out already, but almost all of our extra money goes to the next holiday or to pay off the last one! I've been to Palm Springs, California (3 times), Oregon (2 times), numerous weekend trips into Washington, Florida, New York, Montreal and 3 cruises in the Carribean! We are heading to eastern BC, Montana & Idaho this summer and are in the beginning stages of planning a trip to Thailand in a couple of years! Yahoooooo!
2) I was thought to be my daughters sister when she was in kindergarten. Yes, I had a weee bit of late blooming rebelion and really didn't look much like a mom!
3) I crack my nuckles way too much! But it feels good and I don't want to stop! hehehe
4) My craft space has become my personal therapist. Therefore, considering what I would pay to go see a therapist I think I am saving us money by purchasing stamps and supplies!!!
5) I have an amazing family! Hubby, going on 15 years, loves, adores and takes care of me. Daughters, 12 & 7, going up way to fast, full of humor and so easy to love!
6) I also live with my parents. We have purchased a home together and they live on 1 of the 3 floors. We are so thankful to have them in our lives, to care for each other and be wonderful grandparents to my daughters!
7) Last, but the most important, I have found true JOY in Jesus! Unconditional love, saving grace and the perfect example of who I want to be!
Blessings to you all and don't forget to look for some JOY in your day!

Sorry everyone! I just can't seem to make spaces between paragraphs!!!! So frustrating!


Sherrie said...

Glad you are having fun playing again, lovely image!

Alicia said...

The cards are just gorgeous!
I especially love that you are on a first-name basis with the stamp. "Tom" hee hee


Kassie said...

Yo Momma Joe! Sorry I had to rhyme.
I LOVE THOSE CARDS! I wish I could make cards like you, well I love you lots, muah!

Laura Roth said...

Oh my goodness!!!! These cards are absolutely gorgeous!!!! I'll be checking back often for more awesome ideas!!!! Thanks! P.S. I hope you don't mind, I just started my own blog about 2-3 weeks ago and I'd like to add a link to your blog from mine...???