Thursday, August 30, 2007

How Many Can You Make?

We are about to find out how many cards, of the same layout, I can make before I get tired of making cards!!!
My DH's, boss asked if I wanted to make the office Christmas cards this year. SURE! I'd love to!!! Then I found out we are talking about at least 600 cards!?!?!?!
And he doesn't like A2 size. He wants them bigger! So, the best and only stamps I have that will accomodate a larger card would be the amazing Thomas Kinkade stamps, from Cornish Heritage Farms. YIPPY!!! What a great reason to stamp away. But, I also have to consider how much they are willing to pay and how many supplies I need to buy and that equalled fairly simple cards BUT the images speak for themselves and don't need enhancing! PERFECT!!!
So, by next week I will know which layout they like and will be creating quite and assembly line! Anyone want to be my slave labourer? hehehe


Trish D said...

Holy Toledo, that's a *LOT* of stamping! But you could rest assured that your purchase of the TK stamps was well worth it :) Hopefully you don't burn out, and that you'll be well compensated for your time.

And the cards are beautiful, BTW. I really like the top one!

Kathy said...

That is a challenge. Good luck. You have made two beautiful cards.

Kassie said...

That is alot of punching out snowflakes! that would be about 1200!! I will help punch them out, if you need it?!

Love you lots and wish you luck on those 600+ cards!!

Keri Lee said...

SIX HUNDRED???? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? You need to call in your all your friends for a girls movie night and stamp and listen to a good chic flick! LOL The cards are beautiful (of course I am a little biased ;) )

Laura Roth said...

Oh my goodness! 600 cards!!!! You go girl!

Dawn Easton said...

Oh my goodness that is a lot of stamping! I LOVE those stamps and have been debating on whether I should order them. I think seeing your creations you have sold me on them!!! Good luck with all the cards!