Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Our Holiday!

After about 9 hours of driving we landed here in Wasa Lake BC. What a sacrifice staying here for 6 nights!!! hehehe This is the bed & breakfast all 15 of us stayed at. Chad's parents wanted to have a family holiday. So, the Winnipeggers and Abbotsfordians all met here and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

This first photo shows the main house at the back behind the trees where some of us stayed and we enjoyed an amazing full course breaky every day and the front house has 2 more units and a great summer kitchen for us to cook and eat together for lunch & supper.

It was another sacrifice to wake up to this every morning!!!

What a beautiful little lake. We had a ton of fun swimming, floating and hanging out together.

We also got to explore around the neighboring towns of Cranbrook & Kimberly. In Kimberly we got to have a fun little train ride up to some old, closed mines. I think I can, I think I can....

We just tried on the hats, didn't actually do any work!!!

Then back in the car for a little drive down to Montana. Yes, we all get a little silly until something electronic gets plugged in!

The girls are going to be embarassed to find out I posted these!!!

The second week we stayed at a golf resort and got to swimm, swimm, swimm!!!

Explored some of the sights. This is the mystery house of vortex!!! (Insert deep, scary laugh hehehe) It is built a bit slanted but it feels really weird inside.

Here, K feels like she is standing normaly and I'm taking the pic straight. Some weird gravity anomoly. Loads of fun inside!

Horseback riding!

And so much amazing driving!

We stopped here for lunch! Chad & K went exploring down in the rocks. Gorgeous!

Cliffs, you don't want to look up or down! But I did anyway! So amazing!

Within seconds we would see forested mountains....

Then cave like/rock faces....

Then back to the forests again...

Then back to this! So beautiful!!!

Around the corner we went and drove over this cool bridge. This was on our last day driving through eastern Washington on the way home. Ah, yes all good things must end but we sure did love it while it lasted!

That is a little snippit of the 300 some odd photos we took. Hope you enjoyed!


Sherrie said...

Looks beautiful! We don't leave for another 11/2 weeks, then gone till the day before school starts. The place you had your family gathering looks really nice!

Rachel said...

Wonderful pictures! I'd say post some more!

Kori said...

Amazing places!
I'm with Rach, I'd love to see more!

Sinead said...

Wow! Very impressive, looks like a fabulous holiday and you had amazing weather too. I'm with the other girls, post a few more!

villagegirl said...

Looks like you had a great time! Beautiful place and breathtaking scenery! Holidays are so great. :)
Glad you had fun.

Alli Miles said...

I had to smile when I saw your photos because i knew exactly where they were taken. We lived in Cranbrook a few years ago and went to all sorts of places around there. As "run-down" as Cranbrook looks the surrounding area is beautiful. We are headed there to visit our friends in just a few days and I can hardly wait. Thanks for sharing your pics.

The Queen Of Scrap said...

Wow what a beautiful vacation! Great pictures too!

maya said...

those are so cool picturs.i loved are holliday.it was so fun and funny.i liked wasa lake.i liked the trin.it was fun.i liked it all.it was so fun spending time with you.

Trish D said...

Ooh, I'm so jealous! I was born and raised in Montana, and am trying to convince my hubby we need to go out there for vacation next year. Glacier is just sooooooo gorgeous! (and much less crowded than Yellowstone)

carla said...

Wow Theresa,

You've got some gorgeous pictures here! And it's great to see how your card making has blossomed. Beautiful work!

Nice blog!