Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Could I add anything else?!?!?!

This is a card I made for a dear friend's birthday. She has been the queen of techniques with the philosophy of more is good (even though her style has changed since then :)
Anyway, I had a ton of fun trying to use my Ranger alcohol inks in as many ways as I could on this. The background was ivory paper, smeared with ink then "spritzed & flicked" with water.
The photo corner and arrow were silver & copper and thanks to the inks they are now black and red! The funny square, jewel thing was an architectural stone which I inked up and covered in glaze and pressed in the jewel. The stamp is also from a set she gave me a couple of years ago. We both have a soft spot in our hearts for vintage stamps!
Then a little piercing and copper paper to mat it with and I don't think I could add one more thing! Maybe next year I will try to go more simple and clean, like her current style is!!!
Enjoy your day!


Laura Roth said...

Vintage stamps are a soft spot for you, eh? :) Lovely card, I like "spritzed & flicked" technique you used on the background.

sophia landry said...

This is beautiful, love the spatter texture on the background, and the color is so rich. Awsome card!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

You did a lot on this card, but it definitely is gorgeous and looks sleak to me! It does not look cluttered. I love all of the ways you used the alcohol inks! Very nice!

Nancy Grant said...

Happy birthday to your friend. Great card!

Corie said...

Oh my this is just stunning!!!

Sherrie said...

This is very cool Theresa! Love when you play and get inky!