Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Last weekend I found out my mom had just bought herself exactly what I had already purchased for her!!! Yikes! I didn't have much time to come up with something else. There isn't really anything she needs, so it can be a little tricky sometimes.

Thankfully, the owner at Urban Trends had a great idea for me! Using 8 sheets of 12 x 12, double sided patterned cardstock and 4 matching solid sheets, 2 pieces of cardboard, a few embellies, some elastic cord and voila!

(If you are interested in her class please give her a call. 604.855.7757)

It is a wonderful little photo album! Finished size is 6 X 6. Each page is a pocket to hold a trimed 4x6 photo with a little tab to pull it up!

This is one of the pages, to show you how I also took all the photos. I just couldn't find enough photos that I thought would work, so I took my girls out to our backyard... 40 shots later we had 12 AMAZING photos! 4 together and 4 each on their own!

I took many of them offside, like this, so even when just flipping through the book you could see who it is. (Their faces aren't always hidding in the pocket)

This last is just to show you how the photo pulls out of the pocket! This really is a fabulous, fairly easy project. I've gotta make more of these!


Sherrie said...

gorgeous...she will just love it!

prbloom said...

What a wonderful project! Please give us the details!!

Moni said...

Hi Theresa - that is gorgeous.
You have tell us how you made it.
Sorry - but i think i sold both your mom and you her mother's day presents...

Vanessa said...

wow-i love the photo album! awesome idea and looks great!! :) did you get my email about this week??

Joan said...

This is awesome!!!