Thursday, May 24, 2007

Our BIG project!!!

This has been my life for the last week or so! I've not been a very good blogger due to the fact the when my DH & I get an idea we are all consumed with it sometimes!!!

This is all our living room contents piled up in the middle of the room. All our walls were 5 different shades of browns. To make a long story short, we bought a new piece of furniture that looked COMPLETLY different in our home than in the store and made the browns look more pukey green than chocolate!

This is our poor dog Allie banned from the space, sleeping on the top stair. The closest she was allowed to get to us while the walls were still wet!

My daughter having a blast being able to help!

And my sister wishing she didn't offer to help! hehehe (Really, Pam you were amazing! And thanks for bringing Laura too!!!)
As I am typing this I realized I never took an after shot! It's too dark to get a nice photo now but I will tomorrow and add it! I LOVE IT!
From numerous shades of brown/green to buttery/creamy soft yellow & brick red! It even makes the space look so much larger being a light color! So, if you have to itch to paint, GO FOR IT! It is a bit of work but so worth it in the end!


Colleen said...

Oh I love to paint! The actual painting part, not so much the prep which seems to take the longest. And the other thing I love is people who love to help you paint. :)

P.S. Your adorable dog made me laugh aloud.

RadChad said...

Hey babe! You look great in paint!

Sherrie said...

These are great pics Theresa! Glad I got to see it IRL today....looks wonderful!