Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My cheerful daughter Kassandra :)

My dear, sweet daughter Kassandra (aka Kassie) has crossed one of those moments of maturity that is soooo cool to see as a parent! She has been a kid to keep most things inside and burried and we have really been working at pulling her out her feelings and learning how to manage them rather than mask them.

Well, this last week or so she has had a light go on and realized that it does feel so much better to be cheerful on the outside and make positive choices in her attitude!

You have no idea how this has changed our household atmosphere! She is so wonderful, we always knew it but just didn't get to see it all the time!!!

I decided to make a post in honor of her today and share a couple of the things I've made for her the last while. Someone gave me a wonderful idea to give my girls cards! Who would have thought!?!??! So, I've giving giving them notes/cards in the lunches for some love while I can't be with them. They LOVE it!!!

This first card was one of those just because kind of cards and the second was encouraging her on her birthday, you can't really see all the stamps, but they are words describing her like sweet etc.

Here's to finding ways to encourage our kids!


Rachel said...

Great choice Kassie!
I was a rather 'cranky' teen and gave my parents much grief. I wish I had been wise enough to chose a positive attitude!

kassie said...

I am famous!!! You havent given me that 1st card?! Yes you did give me the 2nd card! I love it!!!

Keri's Collage... said...

My kids love getting notes in their lunches at school too! I am NOT crafty and don't make cards but find the kids get really exited about notes scrawled with a sharpie on a banana or orange!

Theresa said...

Rachel - thanks sooo much for encouraging Kassie! You made her feel great!

Keri - that is another fabulous idea!!! I'm going to look for a sharpie!!!

Sinead said...

Hi Theresa! Found your blog while reading Shari's and thought I would stop in and say hello! Darryl and I were just wondering about you and Chad the other day as we were making plans to go to Manning for a weekend while back in Canada this summer...remembering camping with you two years back! Hope all is well with you! Sinead Hamm(in Ireland!)

Monica said...

Way to go Kassie - must be because you're spending all this time with a horse!!!:)