Monday, April 23, 2007

Cuttlebug MANIA!!!

I bought a Cuttlebug from a friend a while ago but realized pretty quickly that the real investment is buying all the cuts and folders that I'd like!!!
Fortunatly for me, she has been out of town this last week and has let me borrow her boxful of cuts and folders!!! I have been coming up with all kinds of ideas to use paper I hadn't been using and making them into something new!
This one is positively my fav!!! The textile folder. Here I used it over the stamped background Filigree. It is stamped with white craft ink on blush paper. I need a couple wedding cards, wanted to show off the paper and put together this simple layout. The velvet ribbon gives it just another touch of richness. The stamp is from Micheal's 1.50 bin and I glazed over the church.


Sherrie said...

glad you are having fun with your cuttlebug! Nice wedding card!

Moni said...

i'm so coming over to cuttle soon!

Sherrie said...

ok, you need to do this tag Theresa it's easy (7 things) check out my blog if you are're it!