Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things...

Patterned paper, primas & flowers!
This is another sheet from that stack-o-paper I bought a little while ago on 70% off. Thought the swirl in the paper was a good match with the swirl in the flower stamp but how to bring them together?
After searching madly for a ribbon with orange and green (I just plain felt like using orange, go figure!), watercoloring the image and choosing some primas, I am happy with the simplicity of the card.
It seems I'm finding odd colors appealing these days! I wonder what color will end up on my walls next! lol!!!


Sherrie said...

pretty, love the water in your vase. Glad to see you got some time to create today, love the splash of orange!

Moni said...

Love that card Theresa, i'm so using that layout.:)