Friday, April 20, 2007

{Patterned Paper}

*** Note to self: when uploading images, end with the one you want to see first!!!
Ya, it took me a little longer than the usual to upload these photos because I had to delete them and do it a second time. But, I think it was worth it! I really wanted to make sure you could see my paper cutting on the petals. I layered matching red paper behind the cuts to sort of give the feel of another layer on the petals.
I started with one the papers I bought the other day and just couldn't stay away any longer! This is one of those really big patterns on a 12 x 12 which takes the longest to figure out how to best use the whole sheet. But let's face it! I only really wanted to use the 3 flowers and cut exactly where I wanted to.
Yes, it pains me to feel like I've waisted such amazing paper, but trust me, I'm sure I will find something to use the scraps ons!!!
(Basic Grey pp, misc red cardstock, jewels from a decorative cd sticker/cover thingy, Micheals $1.50 stamp, precision scissors & glaze)


Kassie said...

I love that card mom! Nice work and dont forget to make one for me ok???? Love you

Sherrie said...

Beautiful work Theresa, it pays to "waste" sometimes!

Cindy Keery said...

These cards are amazingly gorgeous!