Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stylin' Bellas

Oh these bellas are the bomb!!! So fun to work with, so easy to use, so many different ways to show them off etc. etc. etc.

This one is another sample for a class I'm teaching. The emphasis being to learn some ideas to use them without feeling like you need to be good at watercoloring. I am teaching these classes in a fairly new shop and working really hard at using the products she has available. So I'm a wee bit limited. I'm finding her pp wonderful, primas are always great on cards but I'm wondering what are your favorite things to use on your cards?

The shop owner is looking forward to her store growing and I would love to be able to suggest some popular embellisments!
Looking forward to your ideas!!!

(Prism cardstock & Polar Bear Express pp, I love the diagonal stripe and tried to emphisize it with the sentiment)


Sherrie said...

These bellas are very "stylin'"! Love what you can create with pp! Great diagonal stripes!

Your favorite Kassandra said...

And they didnt take me shopping?? Grrrr. Nice card it is very "stylin" love ya lots!

Allison said...

Cute...this bella and the last were great compositions!