Monday, April 9, 2007

My first Swap

I've been looking for new ways to use my creativity in making cards. I found teaching classes and now I'm trying a swap.
The focus was to make a pop-up card. Seen a few different ways to make one but ended up with a self-standing version.
I used some Asparagus paper given to me as a trade for cleaning/organizing a friends stamping room. (Still have more to do!) I left space to write a note, used brads to add primas and will send it to the person I've been given. We are sending the cards blank for them to use if they want to.
Also, for mailing is folds down and hopefully it will pop back up when needed!!!


Lisa Strahl said...

Oh this is so pretty! Love it!

Sherrie said...

this turned out really cute!

Jean said...

Loved receiving this card Theresa. Sure put a big smile on my face and love all your other cards.. A great blog, keep it up!